Welcome to Philosophical Meditations of a Student

Discover all that you need to know to start engaging in topics such as philosophy, cognitive science, and education.

Philosophy, cognitive science, and education

How has philosophy of mind contributed to the development of cognitive science? Discover this and much more.

Begin a new journey on the main theories of consciousness

Global workspace theory, sensorimotor theory and much more.

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What are the main theories of consciousness in contemporary neuroscience and philosophy?

What are the main approaches to language teaching? How can each method help me teach my students what they need to know?

New future project

Hello, everyone. I haven’t been posting for a while, mainly for personal reasons and also because I have found different ways to study. So this blog’s main purpose was, on the first place, to summarize the things that I would learn as I kept reading and studying and post them online so people could learnContinue reading “New future project”

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